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Cavalry Investments Demand for Payment (HSBC)

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I just found this place and think it may be what the doctor ordered.


I got a call from Cawley & Bergmann, LLP on behalf of Cavalry Investments - they want around 10K on CC debt that the SOL runs out next May (2015). I told them I didn't have anything to write with at the time they called so email me (I gave them my email address) their address and i'll get back with them. The sent an email with a demand to pay in full around 10K. I replied back that this debt was previously settled and to cease and desist from contacting me or I would sue the pants off everyone involved. Later that night I pulled my credit report and I had confused another debt (midland) that I settled last year. So what to do?


The way I see it I could do the following:


1) wait it out and see if I can outrun the sol - May 2015

2) request arbitration in my response to their demand for payment in full - 2006 HSBC agreement includes JAMs

3) litigate - and after reading one post on how someone beat midland on "standing" - I am now leaning towards this option.


so I could use some help trying to sort this out.


I don't think any violations have occurred that I can sue them over - they did call my cell phone, but not sure if that is a violation or not - how they got the number is suspect, but I could not prove something illegal.


I will respond to the demand letter - denying I owe Cavalry anything, but then what? do I include invoking arbitration in the letter? do I pay JAMs $400 to demand arbitration, do I wait for a summons - there really is a part of me that wants to win this in court for lack of standing...


thanks in advance for your help.



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