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Hello, I am being sued by the law firm Kenosian & Meile on behalf of Unifund. I received a summons and I recently answered with a proof of service. I just received the following documents;





Unfortunately after keeping my records for six years I finally destroyed all of them.

Also, I threw away all correspondence with Kenosian because I thought it was a scam.


I don't know what I should admit to.

1. Admit you applied for a credit card from Citibank

2. Admit you received a credit card

3. Admit you made payment within the last four years. I did not!!!

4. Admit you became delinquent/

5. Admit you left a balance.

6. Admit you received statements regarding citibank. I haven't in the last six years (except collection notices).

7. Admit that the balance due as of June was ____. This is the same balance for the last six years.

8. Admit that at all relevant times, Plaintiff has had and now has all rights, title, interest and sole ownership to Citibank. I do not have any paperwork or proof as sale that states that.



If anyone has any experience in this matter I would appreciate the the help.



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First thing to know is What is your states SOL. Question 3 asks if you've made payment within the past 4 years which could led to a admission where they could base a motion of summary judgment. Check your SOL of this debt.

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Thank you, the sol is 4 years. Should I just deny all of admissions? Also, they have sent me a statement from 2011 stating I owe 5,000+. I have not received any statements for years and have not heard from any collectors until recently. 

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