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First Collection Services playing fast and loose


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I received a bill for a debt I hadn't incurred, but it is for a business. I was told that I am not covered under the law, but First Collection Services didn't send me proof of the bill. They sent me proof of 1/2 of the bill, although it was after I had sent them the 30 day letter, but there was no proof of the other 1/2 of the bill. Before they sent it to collection, Frontier told me that the other half was an agreement an employee made with them, without my consent, on the phone for a discounted bill if we stayed with them for 3 more years. I had no knowledge of this agreement, so when I closed the business within a year, I was surprised by all of this.They said it was a penalty incurred. 


There is no proof of where the amount came from, since it was a verbal agreement an unauthorized employee made with them. 


Next steps? Any advice would be appreciated,

Nancy from NY

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Business debt isn't covered under the FDCPA. However, unless it is in writing the other 1/2 you speak of can be challenged. How old is this debt and was it guaranteed by you? Are you claiming responsibility for this minus the other 1/2?

It's about a year and a half old. I haven't claimed responsibility for anything, although if they would drop the part I didn't agree to, I would pay the part that the business did incur. 



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Send them a letter cmrr stating you will pay for any service you had originally authorized and that you did not agree or authorize any extensions. As Judge Judy would say, "If its not in writing, it didn't happen."  You are demanding proof any extensions were ever made.

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