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Successfully paid 3 original creditors in full but CA accounts still showing

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I'm starting a new chapter in my life and trying to get my "stuff" together after burying my head in the sand for a few years.  In short, I pulled my CRs, only to find that I had 8 collection accounts in my credit report(s).  Aware of this site/forum from a similar experience a decade ago, I decided to face my debts and obligations head-on and get started with the rest of my financial life.


Because I know that I owed the money on all of these accounts, my first line of defense was to simply see what would happen if I mailed monies to the original creditor with old statements/invoices that I found.  I tried this with 5 accounts.............4 of the original creditors cashed/deposited my checks.  The 5th OC sent my check back with a handwritten note advising me to contact TEK Collect to make payment arrangements.  (The check I sent was for $56 to pay in full and they refused it.  The CA is asking for $72, but I've never received any documentation or phones from them.)


Here is where I need some help and here's what I did..............I'm looking for some general next steps;


1) I have disputed all of these collection accounts with the 3 bureaus


2) I mailed the Original Creditor the paid in full amount.  (I did not mail any money to any CA.)


3) I DV'd each of the CA's after the checks were cashed CMRR.


4) I received a DV response from one CA stating that I have a balance of zero and that "their office" received the check along with their other DV-response form jargon.  This is ludicrous because I know the OC endorsed the check by looking at the back of it through my banking system.


5) I received a DV response from another stating that they are collecting on the interest of the account they assumed from the OC  ($231.19).  I paid the OC through a credit card $847 (the principal amount) directly over the phone without any mention of inclusion of the CA.  


6) Oddly, another CA sent me back a DV response stating that my balance was paid in full and would remain on my CR for 6 years and 9 months, yet it fell off of my credit report today. 


So........................I hope was that by the OC taking payment in full, it would basically "null and void" the CA altogether, causing them to erroneously respond to my DVs and/or allow me to prove to the bureaus that accounts were paid direclty and no CA should be listed for specified account.


Does anyone have recommendations for next steps to remove the collections from my CR based upon the OC's taking the money in full?



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UPDATE on my above situation.......


Refresher:  I started May 12th with 8 collection accounts.  (Irresponsible, not paying attention, muddle through divorce aftermatch,etc.  Should not have let it happen, but I was burying my head in the sand hoping things would get better, "I'll take care of this later, etc.  Not proud of it, but it's what I did.)


Too collection accounts have come off of my CR.


1)  NCO - a CA.  I paid the medical clinic that was the original creditor.  I disupted the collection TL with CRA's as paid to original creditor - no knowledge of CA and/or TL.  I included copies of checking account statement and older invoice from original creditor with my dispute.  The collection account has been removed from my CR.


2) TEK COLLECT - a CA.  I mailed a check for original amount ($56) to the original creditor.  They mailed the check back with a handwritten note referring me to the CA.  I had never received any correspondence from the CA - TEK COLLECT.  I sent them a DV letter after disputing initially with the CRA's.  Today, the collection account was deleted/removed.  I was actually going to PFD this one, but instead.............deleted.


I have 6 more collection accounts to remove/delete, with hopes that I'll be successful with all, but know this is a tall order.  Appreciate the wealth of knowledge that exists on this site!!!  Thanks to all.

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-A 3rd Collection account fell off of my CRs this morning.  When I started this adventure, I had a $300 bill for newspaper advertising I had failed to pay prior to my last business desolving.  (Know that I had paid thoursands of dollars to this small newspaper prior to last invoice of $300.)  I took a new job and relocated and the office manager of this paper called me rudely for payment without any pleasant greeting or "how you doing?".  I guess my expectations for courteous phone skills are/were too high.  Rather than pay them, I taught them a lesson and did nothing.  (joke)


So....they sent it to collections.  The CA did not know how to locate me, sent me no bills, no phone calls, etc.  I discovered it when I began this credit report/credit repair journey.  The account had been in collections for a year.  I located the original creditor's invoice in a stack of "old bills", mailed a check in full to the original creditor and watched my bank account for deposit, which only took 3-4 days.


I then sent a DV letter to the CA.  They sent back a receipt stating they had received my payment and I no longer had a balance owing, this information will remain on my CR for 7 years, etc.


I politely sent them a letter back stating that they did not receive my payment, but that the original creditor had received it, endorsed it and deposited into their accout, as verified by the back of the check.  I included a copy of the back of the check showing that the OC endorsed and deposited my check.  I concluded that they cannot report information that is erroneous and/or not factual and I expected a correction in 15 days or I would intend to sue.  I sent the letter CMRR,


5 days after I sent the letter, which is today, the collection account is deleted from my CR.


I started with 8 collection accounts.  I am down to 5.....3 of those are zero balances, but I'm still fighting like hell to remove them using letters and strategies from this site, site administrators and all of you. 

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I have been reading and following your posts.  It seems every forum i'm in, you seem to have posted something  :-)  So...I have a question, if i have a collection on my CR, for a cable company, but i've been sent a letter from the CA that it was sold to, is it best to pay the OC/cable company, and then dispute the collection with the credit bureau?  the collection is only listed on one CR.  

Also...it sounds as if most of yours was almost a PFD?  You paid, and got the CA to delete by default because you paid the OC.  If you did a PFD with a JDB, why would the amount the JDB is saying you owe, be different than the Charge off amount?  and any idea why my Charge Off amount for a specific account would be different depending on the credit report?

thanks for your help!

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So...I have a question, if i have a collection on my CR, for a cable company, but i've been sent a letter from the CA that it was sold to, is it best to pay the OC/cable company, and then dispute the collection with the credit bureau?




I would contact the cable company to verify that the account was sold to the CA.  If it was sold, the cable company no longer has anything to do with the account, so you can't pay them.

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In theory, you are correct.  The CA is not required to delete the account from your CR because you paid the OC.  Additionally, I have not and did not pay off every OC during this process.  In fact, I have one remaining collection that is past SOL but not met the 7.5 year threshold in regards to the CRA's still allowing this account to remain on my CR.  I am not and will not pay a penny to this last remaining collection account.  It's held by Asset Acceptance and they continue to report additional interest to all 3 CRA's every 2 weeks.  I'm working on some other letter writing strategies presently to get this one removed.  If not....I have to suck it up and wait until this coming January for it to drop off.


With the accounts listed above, for reasons I won't waste your time with, I felt an obligation to fulfil my end of the bargain with the OC's.  Once the OC cashed the check(s), and I received copies of them, then observed the CA's reporting them as paid, I disputed these with the CRA's and also sent not-so-nice letters to the CA's with included copies of the front and back of the checks - showing that there is no way they could report receiving my payments as I have evidence to the contrary showing that the original creditor ONLY received the funds and that the original creditor ONLY deposited the funds into their business account.  i.e. - how could the CA report that they received the money when I have evidence showing that the OC received the money explicitly.


In short, I am lucky that these letters worked, as my argument sounds goods, but is legally flawed.  Nonetheless, it worked.


It did not work with a PIF collection account with LVNV Funding, which most everyone in a credit-challenged environment has experienced.  So I do have that one hanging out there with a zero balance.  I'm still working on removal of this one through other technicalities.  And as mentioned earlier, I do have one remaining Collection account with Asset Acceptance that I either have to ride-out the 7 1/2 year timeframe or hope that some letters and ongoing CRA disputes resolve on their own prior to.



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