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Conns credit harassment, help?


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Ok, to start off I'm gonna try to make this lengthy story more short..


I was in a relationship with this guy whos credit was shot, I was barely 21 & I had no credit at all, never done credit cards, had paid off my vehicle, so what credit I did have was good.


We had been best friends for a while, then started dating, He was starting a new job & said he needed a few things, a new camera/laptop/printer.

No biggy, right? I was working, he was working. So we went to Conns.. I had never been to one, nor heard of one, til I moved to the Houston area.


We go into Conns, this lady is really polite & nice, sits us down, gets all his info, he doesn't qualify for any credit.

No biggy again. She gets all my info, I qualified for $4,500. We're more than excited. She has me sign all these papers, doesn't really explain anything to me & when I question things she ignores the questions,

I glanced over the papers, maybe should have read them better but I had to be at work in less than 2hrs, and he had to be at work in less than an hour that day, so we were sorta in a hurry.


She handed me a brochure & told me that we could get our merchandise & be done.

So we did that, we got his laptop/printer & camera, and I got me an iPod. at this point we had barely spent $2,800. 

We left..a few days later, my phone broke & his contract ended so we both wanted new phones, Went to Conns & got the samsung galaxy s4, not even 2 days after we got the phones, his was stolen at his job.


I called the customer help center & got told a bunch of runaround stuff, ending with they refused to replace his phone & I was still having to pay on it.


Well by the time it came around for us to make our 1st payment, I had lost my job & his job was giving him the run around on paying him..So I put it off for 2wks...Then him and I broke up, he refused to pay..I had no job, no way to pay...and needless to say the phone calls started coming in...not just to me, but to my mom..my dad..my best friend..


My credit is now shot, and when I tried calling about returning the merchandise & explained to the guy on the phone that I had no job, no way to pay it..he had the nerve to ask me if I could get a loan from someone to pay it off, really? 


it's now been 6 months, I've moved from Houston & gotten new phone numbers, he still has the merchandise, as do I..but no payments have been made...so I'm wondering once I start working again, can I just go ahead and start making payments? Or should I just forget about it and let the damage be done? I don't want anything pressing on my credit more than it already is, and I surely don't want to go to jail..but conns has more than harrassed me & my family. My father says to just leave it be & don't worry about it..but I am the type of person that I do worry about things like that, I mean..it is my credit.


Any advice/help would be much appreciated. I'm only 23, trying to figure everything out.

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You will not go to jail.  The USA has never had debtor's prisons.  You will live with the harassment for up to five more years since this all happened a couple of years ago.  They still have two more years to sue you.  


One option is to borrow some money from Mom and Dad and settle the account in full including that they delete the trade line from your credit reports.  

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There are a few other options here.


1) Negotiate a re-opening of the account with the understanding that the current status will be "back dated" to show "paid as agreed. This one may be tough given your age and lack of experience with an issue of this type but it can be done.


2) If you enter into a "re-payment" agreement you in effect create a NEW credit account to be reported by the collection agency they hired. NOT GOOD for you or your credit.


So.... better to save some money (say about $1,000) and then contact them to "settle" the matter in one shot. One payment with the express WRITTEN understanding that (A) the debt is "paid in full" and (B) They "Delete" the collection as a PFD matter.


3) Dispute the issue under 809b of the FDCPA... See what if anything they send you BUT.......... Be very careful of what you use for an address and contact info. You don't want them knowing where you are or how to call you


So..... Use a P.O. Box in a different town or a UPS store address and don't give phone contact info until you receive something in writing agreeing to settle the matter as previously stated above.



NOTE: Listen to your Uncle Steve (That would be me) - NEVER EVER Sign for someone else on a loan. Particularly a "boyfriend" or friend of yours. When you get older you'll do better by keeping your and your future spouse's credit separate so that if one of you get's sick, hurt or loses a job you'll have the other file to fall back on.


LEARN TO SAY "NO" - It doesn't make you mean. It makes you smart.


Here endeth the lesson....

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The SOL in TX is four years, you will have that long that they can try to sue you. Good chance that they won't, but stay on top of it. Get on here and read a lot and learn how to handel these situations, it will help you a lot and take away the stress. It will remain on your CR for 7 to 7.5 years. Start a file and every letter you get from Conns or a JDB, SAVE it. You never know when you might need something they sent.


Besides studying the FDCPA, also google and read the TEX TFC-392. It mirrors the FDCPA but has a lot more teeth than the FDCPA laws do. So, always quote from them when you must in responce to a JDB. Also, in Tex, you can DV a JDB anytime you want and they must respond. Not like the FDCPA. I doubt that you will get Conn's to settle. They will probably sell it off to a JDB and then the phone calls will start to those that they can reach. I would make the ex boyfriend either pay for his stuff or give it to you if he won't pay for it.


The FDCPA does not work on the OC like it does a JDB or CA, but you can try writing them and informing them to not call you at any number, as well as those of your family or friends. It may or may not work. Again, you will not go to jail although, some JDB's will lie and say that you are, and that they have the cops on the way to arrest you. That's not going to happen, so don't let them ever scare you like that.


Now, get on here and spend a few days reading and researching. You will be glad that you did and you will learn a lot. It will also help you later in life. Welcome to the board, good luck. Are you still in Tex? That will make a difference on the four year SOL.


One last thing, when possible, never talk to them on the phone. Always use the USPS and send the letter CMRRR and keep those green cards when you get them back. Also take your tracking number they give you on each and pull it up on the Poast Office website and print out the delivery date as back up. Sometimes the post office will return the green card unsigned. This way you will have double proof as backup.

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What they said. DON'T use your credit for someone else. Keep it for yourself. He didn't NEED the things he bought, and if he did, he should have saved for them. He had messed up his credit, and that was his chance to learn how to avoid doing it again.


Keep all communication in writing, and don't give them a copy of your signature when you write them, until and unless you have a signed contract for the PFD at whatever price you have negotiated. If you have $1000, BTW, offer $500 to start.


Consider this a lesson, and be glad you learned it in your 20's. Some of us took a whole lot longer. Or, as sometimes happens, the parts of our lives that we don't get to control took over.


 You didn't have control over losing your job. But you did have control over saying, "Sorry, Honey, I think that's a bad idea. I can't take out credit for you."

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I forgot to mention, NEVER, NEVER pay a JDB when dealing from them from your checking account at your bank, and nevere give them the name or account number of your bank. Always pay by money order from the post office or cashiers check from another bank should you ever decide your going to pay. Also, never let them to an auto draft from your account. They will rob you blind if they get that info.


Using TX TFC-392 and the laws of TX they can not garnish your wages, take your car or home. When you do buy a home someday make sure you put it under the homestead act to futher protect it. Again, stay off the phone with them and use the US mail.

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