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Called CA's attorney to request a "vacate" - he's deceased. Now what?

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In September 2013, I received a letter from my employer's HR department advising me that I would be garnished for the next 2 pay cycles due to a writ of garnishment that was filed in 2009.  Attached were court documents from Oregon, where I used to reside....with my ex-wife.  The documents were addressed to myself and my ex-wife at an address I am unfamiliar with in Oregon, although I can assume the address listed is where my ex-wife lives. 


Because I don't talk to the ex, who did lots of nasty stuff leading up to divorce, I didn't fight the issue and just let the thing be done.


The account was an old dr's bill from 2008.  We were divorced in 2011.  Apparently "we" were served back in 2009.  I did not know this.  Any and all collection efforts were news to me.  This entire bill was news to me when I received this letter.


Long story short, the CA successfully obtained a writ of garnishment as well as a judgment in both of our names.  The judgment is now paid, but I want this "public record" off of my credit report.  I called an attorney friend today, who practices in Oregon, and asked his thoughts on paying an attorney to file a Motion to Vacate based on some loophole or whatever.  He said that would be difficult in Oregon, but suggested I contact the CA's attorney and offer to pay any "fees" the Attorney would incur in exchange for lifting the judgment.


I located the attorney's name on the paperwork that came with my garnishment notice, but was shocked to find out that he passed away one month after my account became paid/satisfied in October of 2013.


I just called the CA to inquire the name of the attorney they now use, and they told me they would not inform me of that.  They also told me that this would be a small claims court issue and they do not have the power to remove the's public record, blah, blah, blah.


Anyone here have Oregon law knowledge that can offer me hope for any legal strategy to remove this paid judgment?  Is there any legal loophole that I can use to get rid of this?



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They won't remove the trade line, but if it is paid, it should up date to satisfied. You can try disputing it with the reporting agencies.

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