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CA reports different balances to CRA's and wants interest now...

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I apologize for a potential re-post, but I'm frustrated and want to find a way to remove a collection account from my CR.  In short, I reviewed my CR with all 3 CRAs and began the process of cleaning up old collection accounts.  The specific account I'm referencing here was an old utility bill from a home foreclosure.  After reviewing my credit report, and knowing full well that I've never received a phone call or piece of correspondence from the collection agency listed on my CR, I called the OC (utility company) to inquire if I could resolve my balance with them in full.  To my surprise, they said yes.  The amount was $847 and I paid it in full immediately over the phone.  I FAILED TO GET AN AGREEMENT IN WRITING THAT THEY WOULD ADVISE THE CA TO REMOVE THIS TL FROM MY CR.  I paid this account to the OC on May 8th, 2014.


I then disupted this account with the CRAs and DV'd the collection agency.  They sent me back a letter on May 30, validating the debt and stating that I owed them an additional $231.19.  I was furious.  So, I called the utility company back to confirm that my balance was in fact "zero".  They confirmed.  I asked if they would instruct the CA to delete my account from the CRA's and not demand more monies, but they rejected me (politely) and informed me that any further questions I have must be addressed to the CA.


I'm attaching what my 3-in-1 report currently looks like for this tradeline, as of June 18th.  You'll note that Experian only shows a balance of $847 - which does not reflect any interest owed.  You'll see that they did choose to update EQ but now reflect a remaining balance.  Finally, you'll see that they have not reported anything to TU.


Is there any loopholes or violations I can use as leverage to get this CA removed from my CR?



Account DetailsPayment StatusCreditor Contact

Credit Reporting Agency logo-TransUnion-3BCR.pnglogo-Equifax-3BCR.pnglogo-Experian-3BCR.png Credit Report Period 04/08/2014 06/01/2014 07/18/2011 Account Number 201116000410**** 41070** 41070** Condition Derogatory Derogatory Derogatory Responsibility Individual Individual Individual Current Balance $1,072 $231 $847 High Balance $847 $847 $847 Limit $0 $0 $0 Monthly Payment $0 $0 $0 Last Payment       Status Collection / Charge-Off Collection / Charge-Off Collection / Charge-Off Original Creditor 04 EUGENE WATER ELEC BOARD EUGENE WATER EL EUGENE WATER ELEC BOARD Loan Term       Loan Type       Opened 04/28/2011 04/01/2011 04/01/2011 Reported 04/08/2014 06/01/2014 07/01/2011 Remarks Placed for collection Consumer disputes this account information|Subject has not satisfied debt.


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Well....that cut and paste didn't work very well, did it.  Here it is in easier print....


TU - Reflects a balance of $1072  (Utility bill of $847 plus their interest).  They have not updated since April 8, 2014. 


EQ - Reflects a balance of $231.  Their interest only - as principal balance was PIF to OC  This was updated June 1, 2014.


EX - Reflects a balance of $847.  They have not reported interest or any updates to EX since July 1, 2011.


Does the fact that they have not reported additional interest to EX allow them to do so now?  Aren't they now required to show Paid in full on the Experian entree or can they go back now and add interest charges that are not reflected today? 


If nothing else, their reporting is sloppy.  Any suggestions are kindly welcome.  I suppose I'd even be willing to pay off the interest in exchange for a delete, but I'm not excited to negotiate with them right now.

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UPDATE:  After a smart-a** DV response letter I received from this CA, I wrote them back and threatened to sue them based on several discrepencies they included in the DV response as well as how they were reporting erroneous numbers to each of the 3 CRA's.  I sent this second letter CMRRR on on June 13th.  They received it on June 16th.  On June 17th, they wrote me another response letter with the following verbiage:


To Whom It May Concern;


We have requested that the above-mentioned account be deleted from your credit report and have notified the appropriate Credit Reporting Agencies.


If you have any questions please feel free to call us at (866) XXX-XXXX.




blah, blah, blah.


Conclusion:  I did not pay the additional $231 in CA interest charges and it's been removed from my credit report(s).



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UPDATE: After sending a copy of the CA's letter to each of the CRA's, I am happy to report that this collection account is now deleted entirely from all of my credit reports. Better yet, I did not have to give a single to penny to these debt collecting suckers. They did not receive their $231 of "interest".

Getting better every day, every week, every month!

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