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Paid off ex wife's credit line account - now reported as two tradelines

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I pulled my credit reports in early May 2014 to begin rebuilding the credit portion of my life, post-divorce, post foreclosure, new job, relocation, etc.  Depending on how you look at it, my timing could not have been better (or worse).  I found a Key Bank line of credit, of which I was a co-signer on for my ex-wife, which was opened in 2007.  When we split-up, I completely forgot about this account.  Additionally, I had failed to look at my credit reports for a numbers of years after losing the home in 2008.  So.......


I pulled up my CR and found that she quit making payments on her credit line as of Dec 2013.  It had been referred to Key Bank's collection division in April of this year.....one month prior to me pulling my credit reports.  I had the money and assumed I could make this go away by paying off the $1900 balance in 2 payments.  I made a payment of $1300 in mid-May and paid off the remaining balance of $600 2 weeks ago (June 10th).  (For the record, because we have been divorced and I reside in a different state, I have never received any statements/bills as my address is obviously not listed on her account.)


I then sent goodwill letters explaining the situation to every Key Bank Executive Officer I was able to locate on their website.  My hope was that they would take mercy on me and delete these tradelines from my CR.  I mailed these June 13th, but have not received any responses yet.  However, my credit reports finally did become updated.


Initially, they were reporting the original tradeline, and it reflected 120 days late, as well as "sent to recovery/collections", with a balance of $1900.  Additionally, their in-house Key Bank collection division was reporting a second tradeline, same account number, as a collection, with the balance owing.


Now, both accounts/tradelines, show "opened" 3/12/2007, current balance 0, high limit $2500, status on both reportings as "collection/charge-off".  In short, both tradelines appear identical in every column, from the account number, to the address of the creditor, date opened, last payment, etc.  i.e. - I have two derogatory accounts listed in my CR for one single account, as I see it.


Ideally, I'd like these to both go away, but realistically, I am hopeful that atleast one of them should be deleted.  Is this as simple as writing a letter to them in a nice but firm fashion or is there a specific strategy I could employ to obtain the deletion of at least one of these derogatory TL's from my CR?


Any help is appreciated!

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Well, after reviewing both of these tradelines, which as a reminder, are based on one account, I think I have discovered the problem, but I'm still at a loss as to the solution.


Key Bank NA is listed as the creditor on one TL.  Key Bank NW is listed as the creditor on the other TL.  However, the creditor addresses listed in the credit report as identical.  Only the name of the creditor is slightly diffferent.  One is Key Bank North America (NA) and the other is Key Bank Northwest (NW).  The account originated in Washington state - thus "Northwest" - I suppose.


It stinks to have 2 derogatory accounts on my credit report for the cost of one formerly delinquent account.


I'm shooting them a "c'mon man" letter explaining how this minor oversight on their part is really damaging to me.  If this doesn't work, then I'll move on to harsher tones unless I hear otherwise from someone.

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