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head no longer in the sand

4 Derogs came off today - TU score jumped 70 points

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I had to share some exciting news from today's credit score update. 


When I started this process on May 6th, 2014, using TrueCredit's site, my TU report contained 4 delinquent accounts and 10 derogatory accounts.  Specifically, I had 9 collection accounts, and then some other bad stuff, late stuff, child support in arrears, home foreclosure in 2011, etc, etc. 


One thing led to another, which led to another, and I simply threw my arms up tried to ignore everything for a couple of years.  I felt "stable" enough to start chipping away at all of these things and I can't believe how promising I feel just 6 weeks after beginning the task of getting my $#$# together.


It may be a fluke, but my TU Vantage Score jumped from 550 yesterday to 620 today!!!  Better yet, I am now down to 2 delinquent accts and 5 derogatory accounts on my TU.  (Still more work to do on Exp and EQ, but they are improving, too, just a low slower.) 


Of my 5 current derogatory accounts, I am now down to;

  1. Child Support (youngest son just graduated from HS this month, so going forward every penny I continue to pay each month will bring this balance down at a much more accelerated pace.
  2. Asset Acceptance collection - It's past SOL, but can still be reported for another 18 months on CR.  I'm going to let sleeping dogs lay with this one.
  3. Old Utility Collection account with CA - Obtained letter from CA after paying off the original creditor (utility) stating that this account will be deleted from all 3.  Hasn't happened yet and I just received the letter last week.  This did take some letter writing to the CA.
  4. LVNV Funding - Has a zero balance.  I paid them off 2 weeks ago, and probably should not have.  I'm now in strategy mode of disputing and hoping for a delete from CRAs.
  5. Key Bank - I did need to pay this one off.  From ex's account that she let go.  I failed to recall I was even listed on this until it appeared on CR.  Paid it off in two months, sent GW letters to every executive office of corporation asking for mercy as my efforts to resolve were immediate and prompt.  It was reporting as 2 derogatory accounts yesterday and that is now corrected, but ultimately would ilke to battle to have it deleted, not just paid.  (It's showing as a collection/charge-off but was formerly a LOC.)

I thank all of those who have scolded me, reprimanded me, encouraged me, etc.  I still have a long ways to go and new habits to establish, but I feel like I'm getting a hold on my life again.



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