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CashNet USA Pre-Litigation Accredited Services


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Hi everyone,


It's been a while since I posted, but you've all been extremely helpful in the past (I was successful in court against Midland thanks to all the wonderful people here), and I need some help/advice again.


Today I got a phone call (voicemail) from a lady saying she was from "Pre-Litigation Accredited Services". She said there's a pending investigation for two counts of fraud. I couldn't understand her on the "Accredited" part when she left her message, so I called to see who these people are. The phone number went directly to her extension. The first two times, it went straight to voicemail. The third time, she picked up, and she had to repeat the name three times before I finally understood her. I only mention this because I wanted to clarify why I called them in the first place.


Apparently (according to her) they've sent two letters about this, but they were sent back. Turns out they were sending them to my old address. I didn't give her any information at all except my name. She said they represent CashNet USA, and that there MIGHT be an issue. They don't have any solid evidence to SHOW any kind of fraud on my part, and CashNet USA does not show up on any of my credit reports. But according to the voicemail she left, I was "required" to call them back by the end of today's business or they would summon me to court.


I have had a loan out with CashNet USA in the past, but it's been a LONG time ago. I knew then that payday loans were bad news, but I was in a fix. I was meticulous with pay back, however, and I did pay them off, so I'm confused as to why this is coming up.


A Google search doesn't bring up anything for "Pre-Litigation Accredited Services", which makes me wonder if they have an entirely different business name and this something like a department or something.


I'm in the middle of trying to clean up my credit. I've been able to go from 435 to 565 over the past several months. It's been HARD WORK, and I still have a ways to go. Now I have this bump in the road. Any help would be really awesome.


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This is a SCAM.  DO NOT pay them.  The clues it is a  scam:


  • the account is in "pre-litigation"
  • you HAVE to call by this afternoon or they are going to haul you to court/arrest you/send you to your room without dessert
  • there "might" be a problem with your account
  • you call their number and it goes to voice mail multiple times
  • you google the company and they cannot be located anywhere in the universe
  • they refuse to give you their mailing address
  • the person calling has an accent so thick you need three translators to understand why they are even calling

You are NOT being sued.  No one is coming to serve you with papers.  You are not going to be arrested.  The goal is to scare you into paying.  I used to get these phone calls a few times a year until I started screwing with them and finally got my number on the "will not fall for it" list.  The amount you owe is always $400-600 and they want payment via Western Union or pre-paid debit card so that the money is untraceable after you send it and they claim it.  If you did pay it your name goes on the sucker list and they hand it off to a buddy at the next desk who will wait a few months then call again from a new company with the same threat to scam more money out of you.


Yes, just about everything they say is a violation of the FCDPA but they use prepaid burner cell phones which are not traceable and mail drop boxes so that they cannot be served with legal papers.  They probably are not even in the USA.  


Notify your friends, family, and employer that you have been targeted by a scammer and not to fall for it.  Then you can either ignore them, tell them you will not pay or fall for their scam, or as I do:  screw with them when they call.  I have offered to meet them at the jail or courthouse (they refuse).  I have said I mailed the money order and they signed for it (they demand I cancel and use prepaid debit card).  I have said I am home now even when on vacation and to come on by and serve me with the papers.  (they never show)  Once I even told them I already paid their co-worker Steve and they got really mad.  I guess someone named Steve worked there and they thought he was holding out on them.  I have fun with it but the calls have dried up now.

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The best one I saw on this board was one that actually used a suburban Toronto dropbox location in the letter demanding payment. I almost bet they were from Buffalo (only 90 minutes from Toronto) and would go a couple of times/week to see if the scam worked. Since you had no real address, you could not send a validation letter and to get any information would require using the Canadian Court system.

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You all are making laugh so hard! I've been dealing with stupid stuff for a while now, so I knew this was shady. I just wanted to get the full lowdown so I know what to do next. Two members of my family have already been harassed, and I bet it's the same people. 


Well, I do feel better. I mean, if it turned out to be a legit court issue, I was ready to go in with fists flying, but that's why I posted here - I had a feeling it was all fluff.


Thanks so much!!!

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So your answer the next time they call (or you can call them) is to tell them that you have researched the issue and have evidence that you have paid this loan back. You have discussed this issue with an attorney but have not retained the attorney yet and they told you to get the service first so you will be waiting to talk to the sheriff. Also tell them that all friends and family members have been informed to tell you to have the sheriff serve me. That will stop this because they will see you are not going to fall for this.


This is the other bad side of the payday loan business that the news does not report. The government knows about it but they cannot do much if the scammers are not in the USA. What happens is that to generate more profits, they sell you personal information. They organizations buying this stuff do not care about proof of whether you owe the debt or not because they do not intend to use it, just your personal information.

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  • 5 months later...

Today I received a letter from a "National Credit Adjusters claiming to be the legal owners of "your account with CashNet" for $230, blah, blah, blah. Yes, as per their invitation, I will be disputing said debt, not by phone though, in writing. Some time ago, I did have two OFFSHORE internet loans that I, long story but, partly due to usury and gross overpayment of the original debt,

defaulted on. One was, if I correctly recall, CashNet. And,

the other CashYes. Both Bahamian, supposedly,

companies. But, on later investigation, by me, I found one

was linked to a "Hong Kong Partners" or similar. As a

general rule, I don't answer unknown to me/blocked/

private caller/toll-free calls. If it's important, they'll reveal

themselves properly, or leave a voicemail with a real

name/clear message/telephone number. Early this

summer, I fell for an illegal trick by a real lowlife

collections caller, and returned a phone call giving the lady who answered my legal name, not my nickname, and surname, plus a "file number". She, very quickly,

before I could say anything else, said "hold please for *mumble*", and put me on hold. The guy who picks up

starts out by calling me ****, my nickname, which ONLY

my wife, in-laws, very close friends, and some former co-

workers (I've been disabled for nearly ten years so have only spoken with one, who calls me by my legal name, in

the past five years), and has an obvious heavy New York

accent. He then starts lecturing me about repaying debt,

how payday loans are bad ways to borrow money but,

must be repaid nonetheless, you borrowed money from

CashYes, right? I said, never heard of them. He said, come on, your name, address, phone number, SS are all

on it. I said, got papers to verify this that you can fax me RIGHT NOW? Here's my fax number***-***-****. Its here,

in front of me, on, ready to receive. By the way, what's the supposed amount you're claiming that I supposedly owe? The guy really starts getting aggressive with me, says he can't fax me the papers, and abruptly put me on silent hold.A few minutes later, he comes back, talking fast about how I supposedly owe $1,500 (a blatant lie),

and how he just got off the line with "the lender" , and the lowest they were willing accept, RIGHT NOW, was $500, payable immediately, by prepaid debit card. I said, you

really must think that I'm a fool. I don't pay unverified debts, ever. I'm certainly NOT giving you any money. By

the way, are you an attorney? He said, you KNOW you

owe this, you need to pay it NOW! And, I already

answered that! I said, No, you didn't, because I didn't ask before now. Are you an attorney? He shot back yes I did, I'm not telling you again! I said, ok, since this conversation is being recorded, I'll run it back, and listen for your supposed answer to my nonexistent question. The guy explodes, and goes apoplectic, screaming that's illegal! You can't record conversations! I said, it's no more illegal than you recording this conversation, as your secretary rattled off very quickly when answering your phone. Stunned silence for a few ticks. I again asked raising my voice a bit for the first time, ARE YOU AN ATTORNEY! ? He finally answers, no. Before he could

start talking again, I said what's your job title? He said, I

don't understand what you mean? This went around,

fruitlessly for a few minutes, without him ever revealing a

job title. He starts in on me, rattling off my name,

address, phone number, email (old one),SSN, medical

professional title and license, where I (used to) work,

and EXACTLY what my specialty (was) is, what kind of

car I (used to) drive, plus a BUNCH of other stuff he had

no business having knowledge of meaning that illegal

intrusion had been used on my personal information,

including some health information, plus, somewhere

along the line, someone had actually tailed and watched

me. I started in on this piece of **** hard and fast. I let

him know that I know consumer laws very well, my

rights very well, that he had exposed himself to multiple

legal problems, and that I hoped to meet him face to face one day. He kept trying to interrupt me, saying, no you don't, no you don't, when stating that I knew consumer laws and rights very well. I, in fact do. My ex son in law is a paralegal for a law firm that handles these

type cases, and individual IRS cases. Plus a couple of friends are attorneys. The guy got super aggressive with me, trying to intimidate a 57 year old 6'3" 2860lb granddad of five that's seen a lot in his life, and has been through the mill. I just irritated him to the point where he said, this conversation's over, and hung up on me. They attempted calling one other time, but left no message. I looked the guy's name up via several deep internet searches, but it's a somewhat common Jewish name, and I think I sorted him out, but found nil about him. NO company name. Scam, most definitely.

I received a letter from a "National Credit Adjusters" today, claiming to be the "legal owners of your account with CashNet" for the amount of $230. Blah, blah, blah. The usual bottle feeding debt buyer letter. NO FCDPA notice, however. It looks suspicious. I will be disputing said debt, in writing. I'm mailing out Monday, Christmas week, so there's a week shot for them. Then comes New Year week following, another week shot for them. So, I figure, IF this turns out to be legitimate, they have two weeks to work on it. Unfortunately, where we live, TN, consumer protection sucks. And, forget about fighting financial institutions of any sort. TN law disallows litigation by consumers against debtors. Period. They can sue you, rob your bank accounts, garnish at will, etc but you cannot do a damned thing about it. I had my (former) bank account "robbed", with NO notice from the debtor or bank, thrice by bottom feeding debt collectors. Thing was, it was disability benefits, which are untouchable according to federal law, but the bank rolled on me, and released my funds anyway. I can't afford an attorney, no way, no how. The attorneys I know are in different practices than consumer/financial law, and I don't "qualify" for assistance. I got screwed. I stopped my DD to the bank account, and closed the account. Then transferred the DD to a Federal debit card. SS has to be DD. But being on a Federal debit card, I'm better protected. My other disability benefit I changed from DD to a directly mailed check, and pay the issuing bank a nominal fee to cash it while politely listening to a little spiel about the benefits of opening an account with them. I politely decline. Ours is a small city of 28 thousand, about 25 miles east of Nashville. There's an insanely large number of banks here (at least five inside one mile away from our home!), uncountable payday lenders, and numerous subprime loan companies. A very large (and suspicious) number of "gold buyers", and not a few "gold buying party's" sprang up literally overnight a while back, lingered for a short time, and literally disappeared overnight. I know I've gone way off subject here but, there's a reason: there's two common threads to all of this, banking and the Fed. I, purely by accident, saw papers that I was NOT meant to see at a payday lender, and were quickly snatched up "before anyone saw them ;)". What I saw confirmed a suspicion that I have held about payday lenders. That is many or most, if not all are tied to banks themselves. This one WAS most certainly owned by a bank. I see it this way: high risk but, exceedingly high returns for investors willing to front their money in high risk investments. And, there are plenty of them. The other is about gold. Who else would be interested in buying up gold, as much as they could, all over the country, and could set up as well as close

shop overnight, and have the massive funding to do so on such a grand scale?

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