Disputing Credit Report Items, JDBs

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Hi everyone,


I'm trying to get down to the nitty gritty and get my credit polished. I've been able to get from 435 to 565 over the past several months.


I have quite a few JDBs reporting on me, and I'd like to get these removed. From what I'm reading on here, it seems the best way to dispute these is via snail mail. Is this correct? Also, do I dispute with the CRA first? Is there a link to a form letter I can use as a guide, or will a simple "I dispute this thing" letter work?

I've been reading through the stickies. It's just a lot of info to absorb, so if anyone has a minute and can shoot out a couple of answers and maybe some other advice on getting my reports cleaned up, I'd been really grateful. :)



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Before you dispute anything you need to ensure that the statute of limitations to sue you on the accounts has expired.  If it hasn't a dispute may simply spur them to file a lawsuit against you which is far worse than the trade line.

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I know about the statute of limitations. What I hate is that it's 10 years in Missouri. But some of these keep "renewing", like, it's an old debt, but then it's like they're re-reporting it. Does that make any sense? It's like it doesn't have time to hit 10 years before it "renews". 


I'm guessing that it has to be what was owed to the OC that needs to be 10 years old. Is that right? I get so confused with this stuff sometimes.

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Check the DOFDs provided by the OCs.  The entries will fall of 7 to 7.5 years from those dates.  JDB entries will also fall off at that time. 


If by "renewing", you're referring to "date opened" provided by a JDB, that does not renew, reage, or keep the entry on your CR longer.  That's only the date the account was received by the JDB and opened in its files.

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