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I found some VERY old collection letters today belonging to my late mother..


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My mother passed away 21 years ago ( 1993 ).  For nearly 30 years she was a secretary of a local TV repair shop who just recently had went out of business, While cleaning out the shop the last owner of the place had found a box belonging to my mother full of papers and such and among the letters were from various collection agencies all dated from 1977 until 1982.  Most of it was for medical stuff but two were for department store credit cards..Montgomery Ward and the Richmond, VA based Miller & Rhodes both of which are long defunct. 


Reading the letters I could not believe how nasty they were. One letter from a collection agency out of West Virginia not only used foul language but even said "pay us or else you will lose custody of your son" of course the "son" in question is me as that letter was from 1978 I would had been ten at the time.  Wards was quite nasty as well saying "..we assume you have no desire in paying this bill...we will sue you !!" for the record I don't think Wards ever did sue her but then again I was a kid at the time so I can't say for sure.


Now I have no idea as to why my mother would had saved these letters for all of those years so with that being said, the abusive letters..could she back in those days had done something about it or was it for the consumer say back in the late 70's and early 80's they were SOL when dealing with collection agencies ?? Just curious.

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These letters are enlightening as to the progression of debt collectors actions. You should be proud that your mother did not cave to such heavy handedness. I believe you should save them as a piece of history. Thank you for sharing this glimpse into the past.

Maybe she did.  She did get to keep custody of her son, after all!



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