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Potential Lawsuit from Mandarich Law Group


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Welcome to the forums.

You will want to post your thread in the Is There A Lawyer in the House section so that more people will chime in. Provide general information only, not specific dollar amounts or dates.

At this point you have a number of options to consider - so try not to feel pressured into immediate action.

Do not speak with Mandarich on the phone. They are debt collectors (with a couple attorneys to handle litigation). Any communication with them should be in writing - and, most importantly, do not admit or acknowledge anything regarding any alleged debt they are referencing.

That's due to the fact that Cach has to overcome a number of challenges to prove to a (unbiased) Court their allegation of owning a consumer debt here in California. So you do not want to help them by making their task easier in any respect.

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Thanks for your insight. I will go ahead and create a thread over on the other forum and see what the bright people on this forum suggest.


I will make sure not to acknowledge anything in regards to the debt they are referencing and not have any future communication with them over the phone.

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