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DOE student loan with Van Ru credit corporation


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I received a letter the other day regarding a wage garnishment from the Department of Education.  I immediately called them as this was my first letter of its kind I have received on my end.  The guy on the other end was super understanding and helpful.  Told me he'd cancel the garnishment, and I had 60 days to get in touch with Van Ru Credit who is the holder of my loan.  He told me when I called them to explain to them the garnishment had been canceled, and to inquire about the rehab repayment program.  I did, that day but the garnishment hadn't fully processed to so they told me to call back this week.  


I called on Tuesday this week and spoke with the rep that is handling my account.  He was nice, knew where i worked, asked what my AGI was on my taxes last year, I guessed because I couldn't specifically remember.  I owe just under $8,000.  There is another $2,000 in fees and costs added on.  He asked if I wanted to settle in a lump sum or a few payments of $3,000 or something at around $8,500 I think was his number.  I said it was impossible.  He highballed my AGI and gave me a number for a monthly payment plan.  I told him it was too high and he explained that I should call back and have my taxes from this past year and we'd go from there.  As well to have my bank account info so we could set up a payment plan....


So I have a few questions on this.  First of all, i thought since it was a DOE student loan, i'd have to pay it all back, why is he trying to give me a "settlement" price?  I'm not really looking to talk him down, I dont think, i'd like lower monthly payments, but are they a JDB for the government?   i of course don't want my wages garnished, I dont want that coming out every paycheck for the next 3 years as well as that on my CR.  But i'm also leary anymore after reading on here about giving my bank account info to them for monthly payments.  I did this already with another Debt Collector and am getting ammo on here to hopefully work through that one eventually.


Anyone have any advice on what I should do?  



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