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Order To Show Cause RE Dismissal


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I'm new to this forum, so any help will be greatly appreciated! 

About an year ago I got served by Cavalry SPV I, LLC for the sum of 10k. I filed an answer denying their claim. I got careless and left it as that. There was a schedule hearing before the trial, but it got canceled. So without any advice, I figured the easiest and fastest way to get rid of this was to call the law office that is represents Cavalry SPV, I LLC and settle. After months of negotiating we settled at $1,000.00! I was happy and ready to pay them and move on. However I begin to do research on how to settle a debt collection. The first thing I learn was that it has to be written, so I asked Cavalry's representative to write up a letter before I send the money order. The letter they wrote was not sign and it was missing a few things I told them to add, which is report to credit bureau that my debt was paid in full. So I decided not to pay them, and before I knew it, it was 4 days before the trial. They call me on the forth day, I could hear in person who was negotiating my settlement voice that they were desperate to get my $1000. I told them I would call them back to possibly schedule a payment. I never called, I figured I would go to court and fight. On the day of the trial I show up to court only to find out that it was canceled. I was not sure what was going on, I was confuse. A few days later I received an Order to show Cause RE Dismissal (crc 3.1385). 

This is the the Order stated:

"The court has been notified that this case has settled.

Pursuant.....Rule 3.1385 the court will dismiss this case unless good cause is shown as to why it should not be dismissed. 

Dismissal hearing is hereb set for......

if counsel or self represented has no objection to the case being dismissed by the court, no appearance is required.

You may call.... to determine whether the filing of a dismissal or judgement has taken the order to show cause off calendar" 


I'm not sure what this order means. I'm not sure if I have to pay anything or show up or if my debt is completely erased. 

Another thing is, this debt still comes out in my credit report. 

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