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Is it too late to get a "pay for delete" from the OC if a CA is involved?


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I'm trying to figure out the fastest/cheapest way to get several charged off CCs off my credit report. I read a few articles on the "pay for delete" process and obtained a copy of my credit report. From what I've read, it seems like they will often settle for ~25% of the debt.


My question is this...on the credit report it lists the OC (ex: CitiBank South Dakota) and "Potentially Negative Closed" with a status of "Seriously Past Due, Assigned Attorney, Collection Agency or internal collections department".


I haven't actually heard from the creditor in a long time as it is in collections. Would I make the request for the "pay for delete" to the OC or CA? I feel like the OC probably can't do anything since I'm guessing they sold the debt, but I'm worried the CA can't remove it even if I paid them if it's the OC listing it on the credit report.



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If the debt has been sold the OC cannot do a PFD with you.  If they still have it even if it is in collections it is technically possible.  You won't know if you don't offer.  Keep in mind some creditors have a hard line stance of not ever doing PFD. 

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Usually, when you call an OC you get an automated answering system that asks you to enter your account number using your touch tone phone.  If you do that, and your account is currently being handled by a CA, you'll be routed to them.


If the OC still owns it...you want to speak to THEIR resolution department.  You cannot trust anything a CA tells you.  You need to talk to the OC.


And remember...CAs don't buy debts.  JDBs buy debts.  CAs just do the hassling for either an OC or JDB.   CAs lie just for practice.

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