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Westboro Baptist Church and their "lawsuits"...


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OK yet another story has popped up online about Westboro Baptist Church and their so-called protests and once again someone asks where do these folks get the money to travel state to state to picket..and once again it's brought up that some of the people at Westboro are lawyers and they sue everyone who would dare to stand in their way and thanks to the judgements that were awarded to them they have the money for their travels.  Heck some of the posts that I have seen over the years make it seem that Westboro has sued more people than Frederick J. Hanna yet I can't recall a single person ever coming out to say he/she were sued by Westboro Baptist.  


Now I know if one is sued say over credit card debt it is of public record but what about those lawsuits from Westboro ?? Wouldn't they be of public record as well ?? I just find it to be odd that for a group who is known to sue so much not much is said about those who were actually sued by them. This is similar to stories about those who were apparently sued by actor Tom Cruise or pop singer Madonna for "looking at them in the eye". I had always thought those so-called lawsuits were Hollywood myths. I am beginning to wonder if those Westboro lawsuits are a myth as well.

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Two things.  First, you're not taking into account the NDA factor.  If there is a settlement before trial, the lawyers will almost certainly demand an NDA clause so you will never hear about whatever amount changed hands.  Second, it wouldn't take much to send those hillbillys back under the rock they crawled out from, so the settlement amounts per lawsuit are probably less than $10k - pocket change for any high profile defendant, which is the only ones they would bother with.



I saw a documentary that came out a couple years ago or so that featured Westboro.  There was one scene where they were picketing a solder's funeral.  They were contained to their 100 square feet of space or whatever it is the Fed has granted them and it was near a parking lot filled with a dozen or so Harleys.  The guys that owned the Harleys turned their bikes around so the back ends were pointed at the Westboro nut bags and the bikers were just throwing revs at them.  It was absolutely delightful.

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