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Utah: InProSe Sets (S.B.281) Precedent, JDB/JohnsonMark Withdraw Motion!

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Thank you CIC & BV80!   Utah's legal quest to expose & shut-down the notorious & injurious JDB law firm, JohnsonMark, from filing illegal S.B. 281 Moitions for Disclosure Order of Judgment Debtor's Employment Information in Tooele County STARTED RIGHT HERE!!!


CIC deserves credit for allowing InProSe a legal forum laden with growing-pain-opportunities the likes of which only the professional courtesy of BV80 could tolerate! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!


As a result, InProSe was able to file a Responsive Memorandum in Opposition to Petitioner's Motion which compelled JohnsonMark (the JDB law firm that acutually wrote the law codified as S.B. 281) to file an unprecedented "NOTICE OF WITHDRAWAL OF PLAINTIFF'S MOTION FOR DISCLOSURE ORDER OF JUDGMENT DEBTOR'S EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION" !


Moreover, one of JohnsonMark's attorney's I dealt with many times since 2009 filed his own "NOTICE OF WITHDRAWAL OF COUNSEL" (Jacob H.B. Franklin...Utah Bar # 12094). He mentions that the "best address for Plaintiff" is: NORTH STAR CAPITAL ACQUISITION

                                          170 N POINTE PKWY, STE 300

                                          AMHERST, NY 14228


For Utah Tooele County residents/JDB defendants, InProSe will soon post/attach the legal document that has caused Johnson Mark to back down for reference only. Bar/FCC/AG complaints are the next step re: Johnson Mark's creation/usage of S.B. 281/Statute of Frauds violations in debt collection against Utah "credit agreement" consumers!




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Johnson Mark got away with actually writing this law that is now called S.B. 281. and is currently being used only in Third District Court (Tooele County) for rubber-stamping "precedent" so in time the legislature will require all district courts in Utah to allow "employment information" Motion requests under the new Statute. They forgot one thing, though. I live in this county and I know that JDB's in this state violate the Statute of Frauds, et al, knowingly every time they file their frivolous, hear-say laden, illegal collection law suits against the "least sophisticated" credit agreement consumer here. Their "withdrawal" filing here for employment information from the Department of Workforce Services is a good first step to protecting all credit agreement consumers in this state. My goal is to shut-down JDB law suits in this state....for all the right reasons!

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   Comes now Defendant, In Pro Se, in unequivocal and unrelenting opposition to SB 281 and Plaintiff's inappropriate and improper use of

it as a "Junk Debt Buyer" whose law firm actually wrote the bill in early 2013 and hired an expensive lobbyist to deceive the legislators into

voting for its passage and subsequent creation of a law to harm all credit agreement consumers here in Tooele County, and which is

being improperly executed as a dubious "precedent" via this court. Attached exhibit 1 establishes the genesis of Johnson Mark's "dirty

hands" all over this Senate Bill via Chris Rogers' own mouth (see attachment).


   Junk Debt Buyers and the law firms that represent them, operate outside the law by bringing frivolous, hearsay lawsuits against the "least

sophisticated" credit agreement consumer in Utah without standing to sue or stating a proper cause of action. They have never sued on

a Statute of Frauds-compliant credit agreement that was ever "breached"! All of the rulings on their lawsuits should have been entered

in favor of Defendants as all of the alleged credit agreements they never sue on are "void" and cannot be proven otherwise. In fact, the

Statute of Frauds makes it illegal for Junk Debt Buyers and their attorneys from being able to even "maintain an action" against

Defendants. The fox has clearly written the rules for the henhouse in purely fraudulently clever ways. Attachment 2 (not posted

here) lists many of the JDB clients behind SB 281, including the one at bar (North Star Capital Acquisition).


   It's prudent for this court to be aware of the salient facts behind this Motion to stay its ruling until the Attorney Generals' (FCC, et al) complaint can be commenced and fully prosecuted, for to do so otherwise is a blatant violation of Defendant's rights of privacy of publicly

held private employment records to be given over to a fraudulent private corporation that has been sued, fined, and punished out of

existence via improper collection activities throughout the land.




   Ruling in favor of Plaintiff's Motion is clearly against public policy.

Dated this 8th day of July, 2014.




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