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Lease Issue


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Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my post.


I am new to this forum and I would like to say that although I am no in the US I would appreciate advice or direction.


I recently moved from my old apartment into a new apartment. I gave over 30 days notice to my LL verbally. Being a novice renter I took that as acceptable. At the end of June we booked a move out inspection and I moved into my new place the following weekend. I gave them a forwarding address.


Last week I received a letter saying that I not only owe administration and cleaning fees but the balance of the rent owing for the rest of the rental lease.


Now I am not a lawyer but what is the point of the term 'breaking the lease'?


I did give my notice verbally and assuming that I could trust said LL if I was to make an error, they would advise me to say put it in writing. Based off of my verbal notice we book said move out inspection. They cannot claim that they did not recieve any notice.


They then claimed that it was a 'locked lease'.


Are they legally entitled to it or are they bullying me into giving them cash?

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Now I am not a lawyer but what is the point of the term 'breaking the lease'?


Breaking the lease does not mean there are no penalties for doing so.  This site typically deals with laws of the USA and I am not familiar with Canadian LL/Tenant law.  I suggest you speak to a lawyer regarding what rights and responsibilities you have by breaking that lease.

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