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File a Motion to Compel or a Motion to dismiss (with or without prejudice) - help understanding NJ court rules

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I need some help understanding this court rule:


4:23-5. Failure to Make Discovery



I'm trying to understand how the court prefers me to deal with a failure to make discovery. I want to make the process as fast as possible but still be respectful of the courts rule. I have a few questions. They're all kind of one question.


  1.  It seems like they want you to file a motion to compel before trying to file a motion to dismiss without prejudice?
  2. It seems like you can only file a motion to dismiss without prejudice if you file a motion to compel first and that you can only file a motion to dismiss with prejudice without a motion to compel only after 60 says of no response?
  3. Do they ever recommend you can file a motion to dismiss without a motion to compel, if so on what conditions?
  4. Finally, what's the difference between a motion to dismiss with prejudice and without prejudice?
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