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Credit Repair IS Possible


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Many come to forums like this seeking to get rid of negative trade lines when they want or need new credit.  


I wanted to share my recent success.  When I moved two years ago my credit was a mess post recession lay off.  I struggled to find a decent place to live and finally found one that would accept one month's rent as a security deposit and over look my issues.  Over the next two years I aggressively started cleaning up my credit.  I settled/paid some debts I knew were mine and got them removed through pay for delete good will letters.  Several fell off as they were simply old.  I am left with two charged off credit cards that will fall off in May 2015 and one collection from an old apartment that drops in December 2014.  


I added 3 credit cards with decent limits, one gas card, and my home gas company reports.  With a 2+ year history of 100% on time payments my credit score is in the mid 600s.


I am now moving once again this time across the country.  My diligence and hard work at managing my debt and building credit has paid off.  I found a wonderful luxury apartment I wanted in my new city and with a slight hesitance filled out the rental application.  Instead of the declines I have heard in the past I was instantly approved for the apartment with NO deposit!  


NEVER give up!!

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Hi LionHunter and Clydesmom, congrats on achieving your goal of getting your credit cleaned up! I'm looking up to you now!! :-)


I am trying to get started with cleaning up my credit as well and wonder if I will have any real impact on it.


I settled several credit cards back in 2012 that were showing charged off and then Settled for less than full. 

These were with citi, boa, chase and discover.


Is it possible these days to attempt to get them deleted by disputing them online with the credit bureaus via their websites vs mailing certified letters?

What is the approach to start with charged offed credit cards that are settled with the OC?  Should I try the "not mine" or try something like "date of late pymt is incorrect"?

Is this worth a shot? :-) they are not coming off until 2018 and I would like to enjoy good credti again.



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@clarification - I have seen other threads where others talked about using the on-line dispute method with success.  I guess I am a bit old fashion and prefer the mail in method - knowing I have the date sent stamped and will be getting the card back showing they received it.  You can search for those threads to see if there is any more info about others using the on-line dispute.


As for disputes - you just need to make sure the reason is a reason is a valid reason or they will come back as Frivolous - and since you have a few years yet to go, I would for sure try to get them off your report.


Good Luck!! 

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