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question about my accounts still in collections


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Hello everyone!I realize that haven't written in here in more than a year and a half, because of a situation too lengthy to explain, but I have a question... so I had like 8 credit cards and only one has a summary judgement against me, but the rest haven't contacted me in like 3 years. Any idea why that would be? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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It could be any one of a thousand reasons.  There is no way to predict why a creditor does what they do.  Some will continue to do soft pulls on your credit and if it is clear your financial situation is still a mess they won't waste the time.  Others subscribe to a list from the reporting bureaus and when you start rebuilding your account is flagged and they are notified so they can chase you again.  Beyond that the crystal ball is broken and the wizard at the shop says the parts are on back order.

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