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my story! really long...


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Ok so here's my story: I have had problems with my credit for like 4 years. But, last year I ordered some designer drugs online and I guess a bad mixture somehow, cuz the mixture sent me out the window, falling 2 stories. So my life hasn't been fun since after that happened. But I'm starting to heal, the only problem is that I still have problems with my credit. I guess the first part would be that I need to heal enough to have a job. Once I have a job, I can start paying off debt that I owe and rebuilding my credit. But I'm several months or years away from that. But what would be the best/easiest way to rebuild my credit? Is there anything easier than just paying off all the debt that I owe? I wish there was an easy fix for someone who once had a job but can't find one now, but there doesn't seem to be. :( well please reply, if you feel like it, when you have time. Thanks!

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