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Arbitration outside of court.

Mantis Knight

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Do I have to be sued to use arbitration?

I've got two items handled by Midland and they are not interested in settling. Both items are past SOL and under $2300.

I checked the agreements that should be governing and both have JAMS. I thought of giving them another shot at settling with the implication that arbitration would be my only course remaining.


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  They can keep me from getting a specific job.



  A deletion without settlement actually wouldn't help.  I have an opportunity involving government work. I suspect they know this and that is why they are unwilling to settle.  I've made efforts to dispute and get validation, but they sent the original dunning letters to an address I haven't lived at for more than seven years.  So for these two they just ignore me. 


  I caught them on a third account and got timely validation and they closed the collection activity. They had sent that dunning letter to the old address, but then started calling me.  The calls were to a cell phone that they had no permission to call, so I might have something there.  I also have a recording of an agent threatening to mark the accounts as "refusal to pay" because I tried to settle.

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Unless someone involved in the hiring process has actually told you that having unpaid collections on your credit reports will prevent you from being hired...its difficult to predict if it matters.  Normal "employment" credit checks are looking for actual legal problems...judgments, liens, that sort of thing.


You might see if there is a www.naca.net lawyer in your area that will help you sort this out.

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