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Payday Loan Collector- Haven't even heard of them but they have all my info!


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ABD74,  I forgot to include a statute that should also ease your mind on these "ADUB's". 


Read Code of Civil Procedure 116.420.  Sub-section (a) says, "No claim shall be filed or maintained in small claims court by the assignee of the claim."


This does not say you can't be sued, only that the assignee can't sue you.  They can, of course recommend  this to their client.  Though no mention of an attorney is made, one must assume the attorney could file the claim as

legal counsel of the original creditor. 


Read the whole section to understand all of it.


I must admit that their claiming they are a "Ligation Services" for their client is clear in that they are a scam.  I have never heard of anyone legitimate using that "name" for identification.  Besides, if this was the first communication from them, meaning you have never been contacted before about this, also demonstrates a scam.  Remember, if the first is by phone, within five days they must notify you in writing, with the required info.


What you could do is if they leave a phone number, call if after hours to see who it connects to.  Most legitimate collectors will have a recording that they are closed, and to call back during certain hours.  Do not worry whether they get your number or not.  There is nothing they can do about your calling a number left on your recorder to call. 


Check your PM's

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