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Judgment is showing credit report but I never received it from the Courts

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I have been dealing with Midland and Pressler on one last account they have.  I had offered settlements which they counter offered.  While this was happening they entered for summary judgment, which they got.  I guess since they are a Morris County firm, and I now live in Morris County, they are able to have them pushed through more quickly.  


The strange thing is, I received notice on my credit report that it was entered on June 16th, but I still have not received anything from the court.  I am going to file a motion to vacate.  Pressler has already issued a wage garnishment too.  Shouldn't I have to be notified prior to this happening?


Lastly, there is an ongoing case in GA dealing with an Attorneys office just like Pressler and others that represent Midland.  I hope that similar action is taken against Pressler.  I know I am going to push for it. 



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I was in a suit with them in another county, then I moved and they refiled in Morris County.  I received the notice from the court but didn't get my answer in in time.  I called them to settle, and they set up an agreement stating the judgment hadn't been file yet.  When I called back the next day to pay them, the new person on the phone said that the Judgment had been recorded two days prior, so the original person I spoke with lied to me.  At that point I told them I was not paying at this time because they wouldn't vacate the Judgment.  


I still haven't received the summary judgment from the court though, the only thing I have received was the original filing from Pressler. 

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About the only thing you can do is file a motion to vacate, but you need a very good reason.

If you were late with your answer, was it because they didn't notify you of the refile? That would be a good reason. Then if you do get a vacate you will need to learn how to fight.

They will never vacate even if you do settle. They will only report it as paid/settled, to get it off, you have to get it vacated.

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