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Never dunned but called numerous times...

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A debt collector claims to have sent me a dunning letter in February. It was sent to my old address, from which I occasionally receive mail, but I never received this. Long story short, I called the company, and the collector (I recorded this call and she knows this) stated that their machines sometimes make mistakes and that it is possible it was never mailed out.


In mid-July, I finally received a letter from them, at my new address, that contained the 30-day dispute wording. To me, this leads me to believe that this is their first actual letter.


As they called me numerous times and never actually mailed anything that I received, I am wondering if I have a case against them.

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Expect it to be sold to another JDB and for it to start all over again soon. In the mean time, make a file and SAVE everything you get from these jokers and keep it. Also, get on here and read, read and research. They like to use threats and fear to get you to pay. Don't give them a dime or you will either extend or restart the SOL Make sure that you never speak with them on the phone, make all communication via US mail, CMRRR and file it all away.

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