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I DV'ed and the CA is returning to the OC, now what?

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Hello everyone,


I sent a DV to the CA and they responded as follows:


We have requested your letter of dispute reagrding the referenced account.


Please be advised we have closed and returned your account to OC.


If we had previoulsy placed a negative report on your credit regarding this matter, consider this your notice that all CRA have been notified to delete this reference from your credit file.


Any further questions regarding this account should be directed to OC.


Is this good? Do I wait until their next move now?


Thanks for your input.


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It's good in regard to this particular debt collector.  By returning the account to the OC, that collector will probably not contact you again.  If they had an entry on your credit report, they're removing it.


In regard to the issue of collection, the OC can still pursue collection itself or hire another collector.

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Depends on how much longer your SOL has to run. Even then, I might let sleeping dogs lie until someone raises their head and starts to dun you. I had two debts that were more than thirty five thousand each, actually one of them they claimed was fifty-three thousand. I waited them out, they went to a couple of JDB's I DV'd them when I got the dunning letters and after that heard no more and they went away. Now two years past SOL....LOL. So, sometimes it's a gamble to just wait and see.

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They will bounce back and forth between the OC and hired collectors for years until they are sold to a JDB. I am 3 years in towards a 5 year SOL and I have 1 account that was just sold to Midland. The others I have no idea but I assume if they know IRS rules they need to issue the 1099 now that 3 years have passed. I am expecting to see some if not all this tax season.

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