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Renegotiating payment amount


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Hi. I have a debt that I'm currently paying on monthly via a lawyer for the creditor. It is not for a credit card, but for an institution. When I first settled via their lawyer (in order to avoid court), the creditor agreed to accept a slightly lesser amount than what they claimed was originally owed. Now, I've been making on-time, even early, monthly payments for over a year. I have a $2700 balance remaining. I would like to renegotiate this balance and pay that renegotiated sum in full to get it off of my mind and off of my credit report as a collection. Do I have any leverage to renegotiate with the lawyer (my continual on-time/early payments for over a year and timely communication with the lawyer when there was a bank issue (which the bank admitted to in a letter to the lawyer) that caused a payment to not go through)? I had spoken to the lawyer in the beginning in order to agree to a settlement, and he seemed nice enough and willing to help me out. If I should go ahead and try to renegotiate, what is a reasonable amount to ask for? How should I approach this (meaning language to use, not form of communication, which I know should be in writing)?

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