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US Cellular and Diversified Consultants, Inc


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About a year and a couple months ago, I was more than happy with US Cellular, and could not have found a better cell phone company. Then, they made one bill not due at the regular time (about two weeks late), and then double-billed me for two months bills (so there was two weeks +/- I shouldn't have had to pay for. Then the "months" were shorter, so they were actually billing their "months" about five days sooner than an actual month.


When they started messing up the bill the first time and had told me they would fix it, I believed them because until now I had never had an issue with them, so I upgraded to a Galaxy S4. I had about a whole month and a half that one of my four lines (mine specifically) were not working at all after I upgraded. I spent a total of 3-4 weeks on DH's line, and about 40 hrs total getting just the voice calling to work on my line... then another few weeks getting the internet to work better.... but the internet and voice were no longer working as well as they used to, on any of the lines. The rest of the lines were somewhat working. A couple weeks after that, I found out that all 4 lines had some call-forwarding-type feature on them all... supposedly, causing all the dropped calls, and poor internet function.


Then a couple weeks after that, they shut down all four of my lines.... when I got to another phone, and got a hold of them, a US Cellular manager acknowledged it was COMPLETELY WRONGFULLY shut off. At this point, I found out my brand new Galaxy S4 was a dud, so they agreed, on the phone, to send me a manufacturer refurbished (so I got charged for a new phone and never got a new, working Galaxy S4 from US cellular; I had to pay the new upgrade for a refurbished.... but they were supposed to take off a couple hundred in those charges, and never did. I told them, in this conversation, that I would take the refurbished phone, and never have my new one, as long as they agreed that it would work properly, without all the issues, and that they would get all 4 of my lines working as well as they used to, or I would be allowed out of all of the final cancellation fees and bills because I had not gotten proper service for the past few months on all 4 of my lines. I told them if they didn't make this right, and get things working properly, I didn't feel like I should have to pay them for the phone, and/or service I wasn't getting... let alone I gave them 3-4 months to get things straightened out....but if the phone worked, I would pay that month's bill that Thursday... They actually agreed (God I wish I had that conversation recorded). Anyways, I received my refurbished phone, got it turned on... then that Sunday, they turned off my lines again!!! I drove the 3 hours to go to a US Cellular store... they refused to turn back on my lines... I told them they were not getting another penny from me then. So, my bill should have been about the $300/ mo they were charging me, minus about $175 total they took parts off of with each problem...


Now, almost a year later I get a letter from Diversified Consultants, Inc. saying I owed US Cellular $717.40 + $215.22 in collection fees for a total of $932.62...


For one thing, I didn't think collection companies were allowed to add collection fees?


For another thing... I told them to shut down my account and not to charge me for another month.


Another thing, they strictly told me they bill one month in advance when I signed up, so that should have paid off any remaining balance from the last month.


I wasn't even getting proper service with them; they weren't providing service they were charging for.


I found out that sprint bought out us cellular when all the problems with service started. I wish they would have told me that is why they were changing their system, because I would have never never ever stayed with them, let alone upgraded my phone, had I known sprint bought them out, because Sprint is who I left to go to US Cellular... and they were horrible phone/customer service all around.


It is from about, I believe DOLA of September/October of last year. I know it is not past the SOL of 3 years in KS... I don't feel I owe this, or any amount due to the double billing, and charging me for service I wasn't getting, as well as all the discounts they said they would give in order to make up for all the lack of being able to use my service and for having to be on the phone with customer service for all that time. What can I do???


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What can you do??? What result do you want?


You can refuse to not pay (and based on what you've said is sounds like they don't deserve to be paid). That runs the risk of being sued but unless you owe them a lot more than I'm assuming you do I doubt they would...other than suing you there is nothing they can do about it except report it on your credit history.


You can pay what they say you owe (or settle on a lower amount) and consider whatever you pay a "tax" for ever getting involved with them in the first place and (apparently) not getting all these agreements/promises in writing. You might also be able to keep the negative trade lines off your credit history by paying...maybe.

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think they'd sue if I sent them a cease and desist letter because I claim I don't owe US Cellular anything? I could always counter claim if they do... and subpena customer service calls with US Cellular and the complete billing history of the account as well as the original signed agreed contract...


 I really don't feel I owe them anything.. it got to the point I had to take a shower, while on hold and my phone was on speaker on a shelf, in order to get a shower in...


I want them to go away... and not report this malarkey on my CR. But I might get sued... don't know... sigh.

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I can't advise you on whether they would sue you; it depends a lot on just how much they believe they can win and other factors. Personally, my feelings are that if a creditor really wants to sue you they'll sue you whether or not you you send a C&D letter.  I wouldn't say anything about owing or not owing the debt if you send a C&D letter; just tell them to cease and desist; no need to get wordy or say something that may cause a problem later.


As to them going away...well...it's normal to want that to happen. Unfortunately, debts don't just go away; at least not most of the time.

it's relatively easy to get a CA to "go away" with a C&D letter or even just a demand for validation and it may be months or a year or even longer before you hear from anyone again but if the debt is legitimate (and often even if it's not) and/or they "think" it's a legitimate debt and especially if there is very much $$$ involved then you can expect the creditor to keep coming after you with different CAs for quite a long time.

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think they'd sue if I sent them a cease and desist letter because I claim I don't owe US Cellular anything? 


 I really don't feel I owe them anything.. 


Here is the problem you have:  what you "think" should have happened or what you feel you should have to pay is irrelevant to what the contract you entered into states you will have to pay if you terminate the service.  None of what you "would have done" matters either.  


The SOL on this is very much alive and no one can predict whether they will sue but I have not seen any threads stating a cellular company has filed suit.  Typically they just put it on your CR.


 I could always counter claim if they do... and subpena customer service calls with US Cellular and the complete billing history of the account as well as the original signed agreed contract...


You are assuming they even recorded your particular call(s) and that they still have the recordings.  The billing history and contract could assure a summary judgment.


I want them to go away... and not report this malarkey on my CR. 


Better check your credit reports.  It most likely is already there.

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