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Where should I start my journey....please help.


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I have been combing through the forums for days and hours and I am so overwhelmed with information. I was hoping for some direction on where to start. I currently have a car loan, student loans, and 4 credit cards that are all within good standing with low utilization. Below are my baddies:  


Med Busi Bur - medical bill

Opened 03/15/2012

Balance $152


Pro Collect - (apartment collections) 2 accounts ruining my life


08/08/2011 $4379

12/22/2009  $3735


Diversified - This can't be mine unless it's a duplication of the listing below re-dated

Sprint -

04/18/2014 $658




08/20/2013 $421


Natl Fitness - old gym membership

09/18/2009 $1100


Stellar Recovery


04/04/2012 $637


AFNI - ATT on transunion/account held by another CA on other two cra's

1/2/2013 $253


MRS BPO LLC -  Equifax and Experian -different date than the Afni listing ???


07/01/2013 $253


United Revenue Corp - hospital bill

07/01/2010 $812


Thank you to anyone willing to input on this. It is greatly appreciated. :please:




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It was 638 and then dropped to 576 when that new collection popped up for sprint. I also recently disputed an account that wasn't mine and they deleted it which hasn't updated yet.


I would like an opinion regarding which accounts to attempt pfd or dv. I'm scared to DV the older procollect for fear that they will in turn sue me for the newer one within the sol period.


Also, the ATT accounts with different dates - isn't that something I can use a reason to dispute with the CRA's?



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The 2012/13s are too new.  Most often, you won't be able to simply get rid of them because the information is still readily available.


I saw recently, on creditboards - I think, that Comcast has allowed a consumer to PFD.  Call their in-house collections and see if you can get it pulled from the CA and PIF AFTER getting the agreement to remove from CA in writing first.


Do you have the money to pay the medical bills?  I have successfully gotten hospitals to pull an acct from a CA in exchange for PIF.


You need to DV Diversified.  It is possible that they are the latest CA to get the acct and added a bunch of interest and some fees.  If that is the case, then the other CA doesn't have the acct anymore and you can dispute as "duplicate".


I agree with your assessment of the ProCollect situation.  Until the newer collection is past SOL, I would not want to kick that sleeping bear.


Question for you:  Have you sat yourself down and looked at why you allowed this to happen to you?  Your collections are for rental properties, cell phone bills and medical bills..... living expenses stuff.  Creditors may look at your report and think, gee, this person won't pay her living expenses, why should we give her a car note or a credit card?


I ask only because you need to get that under control.  If you don't, you will get your report and score fixed and end up in the same boat a couple years down the line.

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