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Summons from out of State?

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What happens if you ignore ,or refuse certified mail?

I have been dunned by one Debt Collector about an alleged debt from a credit card in 2011. then  it was handed to another DC 1 year later, only to be bounced back to the same DC that dunned me first in 2011. Both of these dunning letters came in 2012.The second dunning letter was from Ohio who evidently dropped the pursuit and handed it back to the original DC/Attorney here . So in essence this now makes the 4th dunn on this alleged debt in 3 1/2 years..


.Fast forward to Summer 2014, now a different DC/Attorney firm from has dunned me. As usual I answered and asked for paper work and denied owing anything. A couple months later I get a certified mail. I could ask the Postal employee to let me see who it came from first before signing for it. Can the DC get a judgement if certified mail is returned unsigned as delivered?


OHIO.....Service by certified or express mail. Evidenced by return receipt signed by any person, service of any process shall be by certified or express mail unless otherwise permitted by these rules. The clerk shall place a copy of the process and complaint or other document to be served in an envelope. The clerk shall address the envelope to the person to be served at the address set forth in the caption or at the address set forth in written instructions furnished to the clerk with instructions to forward. The clerk shall affix adequate postage and place the sealed envelope in the United States mail as certified or express mail return receipt requested with instructions to the delivering postal employee to show to whom delivered, date of delivery, and address where delivered. The clerk shall forthwith enter the fact of mailing on the appearance docket and make a similar entry when the return receipt is received. If the envelope is returned with an endorsement showing failure of delivery, the clerk shall forthwith notify, by mail, the attorney of record

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