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A little bit of hope...My credit karma progress

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These are my Credit Karma scores, slowly rising by doing the things on this site, DV new collections letters and zombie debt, disputing bad TL's, 623 disputes, paying all of my bills on time, and opening up some secured cards. I have had lots and lots of removals, and have a long ways to go. I hope to buy a house sometime in the next year or so.


CK Scores by month


Nov 510

Dec 534

Jan 549

Feb 567

Mar 567

Apr 571

May 571

Jun 580

Jul 594

Aug 606


I know they are just credit karma fakos, but along with the other credit monitoring I do, the general trend is up.


I just found out good news today that I have been hired for a National Health Service Corps position and they will pay $60,000 of my student loans for 2 years of service. (And it's renewable if I want to pay off the rest, which is $20,000).


Things are looking up. The stuff on this site works, but it takes patience and persistence.

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