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Need help dealing with IC collections for Tmobile bill.


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So here is the situation. 


About 4 years ago I had a Tmobile phone. I moved to Puerto Rico and when I arrived decided to change my number to a 787 number. Well about 1 years later I found out that tmobile charged me a cancellation fee and reactivation fee for changing my number. At this point I didnt pay anything and just ignored the calls. It was taken to a collection agency, but it was from Puerto Rico, and I never got a letter just a call, which i never took (my phone number then got deactivated)


Now its been 2 to 3 years since I have heard anything about this. Last week a collection agent called me on my cell phone during work. It was out of the blue. I never reseaved a letter or any notice at all. They called me, and I kind of panicked. I agreed to some terms openly but I never made a payment to set it in stone. Now it was due today, but after reading online, I decided to write them a letter requesting proof of the debt. Now this debt could be 2 years old and I am afraid because of them calling me out of the blue I might have "reset the clock". 


At this point I am going to send the letter and call them back saying I am not accepting the debt without valid proof. 


Another thing, it is a total of about $400 to $500 but they said they would take the deactivation bill off so it would be $300 in something. They want it paid in 90 days. Now I can only agree to pay $100 a month, so is it safe to stick my ground with paying this?


Need all the information you can give me. 

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Demand validation of the alleged debt. Don't pay anything yet - you may not owe anything.



If you didn't cancel your T-Mobile service, but merely changed the number, then there shouldn't be anything in collections. I would get on the phone to T-Mobile and demand to know why your account is in collections.

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