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What are the best route to follow for various collections


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A brief background: My credit report and DMV record were in complete shambles for years due (in part) to my undiagnosed ADHD. I was diagnosed in 2011 and since then have not made as many poor decisions as I used to, I finally took care of all the Failure To Appear holds on my license and had it reinstated just last month.


Now it's time to tackle my CR with the ultimate goal of preparing to buy a house. Luckily, many of my oldest and biggest debts have fallen off, but I have 8 collections still listed with various ages (6 of them are now past the 4 year California SOL).


I'm going to try and follow the PRIMER in the Credit Repair forum, but I need some advise on how to proceed once it is time to start contacting the CAs. These are my questions and additional info:

  • Based on the age (years since date of last activity), if I offer a settlement what should be the max percentage of the original debt?
  • If I'm after PFD and the the SOL is expired, should I still offer a reduced settlement?
  • Any other advice based on the info I'm providing below.
  • Line 3 is not on my CR, but is on ChexSystem. I am willing to pay it off in full, but if the soon to expire SOL will help negotiate a lower payoff I'd rather go that route.
  • All lines in red are now past the SOL.
  • Current Experian PLUS Scores based on  3-in-1 report: EX - 582, EQ - 582, TU - 590


                                                        Prev Settlement

   Type of Debt                Debt Age  Original Debt  Offer from CA
1  Unsecured - Cellphone       2.08      $461.00        60%
2  Unsecured - Cable           2.88      $523.00        80%
3  Unsecured - Bank Account    3.22      $346.00
4  Unsecured - Credit Card     4.00      $460.00        90%
5  Unsecured - Medical         5.14      $609.00
6  Unsecured - Medical         5.14    $1,311.00
7  Unsecured - Credit Card     5.53      $563.00        83%
8  Unsecured - Cellphone       6.05      $945.00        25%
9  Unsecured - Utility         6.46      $189.00
Thanks in advance for any help/advice.
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