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Removing multiple bankruptcies

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Hi all,

I have several (5) dismissed chapter 13 bankruptcies on my credit.  I had a horrible lawyer and realize that now, but I was trying to save my home from foreclosure.  My husband was self employed and our income was all over the place so we couldn't keep up with the court payments.  My attorney just kept refiling a chapter 13 instead of the chapter 7 I wanted in the beginning. Transunion and Equifax are showing all 5.  What is the consensus on disputing inaccurate information on theses bankruptcies.  Should I dispute them one at a time or all of them at once? There is inaccurate information on each listing.  Also Experian is only showing 3 of the bankruptcies.  Should I leave them alone in fear of having them discover the other 2? Any advice?  Thanks!

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An attorney getting a client to file 5 times is absolutely insane. Not sure what you paid him, but it sounds like he was just looking for a pay check. I would just let what is on your CBs stay where it is because you might get more than you bargain for if you ask any questions. The only thing I would pursue is finding out if you can report the attorney to you state bar. Unless I'm missing something that is extremely irresponsible on his/her part. This is all assuming the attorney did not have a solid reason for getting you to do this. 

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