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Help with affirmative defenses??


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Okay, so I'm dealing with a JDB unifund in GA. I went and filed a very basic answer, denying, disputing, and citing a possible FDCPA violation where I was served a suit from another county. Now I am planning on amending it to make my case stronger but I need some help with affirmative defenses.

After analysis of the documents given to me, I've noticed some blatant discrepancies.

First, in the suit I was served with from the original county, the principal listed on the court docs DOES NOT match the amount listed on the 1 COPY of an old credit card statement that they also sent.

Second, the 2 bills of sale provided are both from 2013. I have already pulled my credit report and it showed that unifund removed the collection account from my report on July 24, 2013. Here's the kicker, the "bill of sale" from the first collection agency to unifund states that unifund did not "buy" my account from them until NOV 9 2013! Plus these 2 bills of sale are VERY generic, never mentioning my name, the acct number, nothing!

I am starting to believe I may have a solid case, but in my amended answer I want to make sure I put as much as I can!

Anyone want to help me out?

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