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Mann Bracken scam judgement through National Arbitration Forum in 2008


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Back in 2008 I had a credit card collection by Palisades Acqusition. They hired a National collections Law firm called Mann Bracken. Bracken never validated my debt. They sent me a letter stating that my case was going to the National Arbitration Forum. A month later I recived a letter telling me that I lost the Arbitration case. They then forwarded the Arbitration award to the local District Court where I lived and a judgement was entered against me for $8500. This was back in 2008. I never heard from either Mann Barcken or Palisades Acqusition again. They never tried to collect. I figured it was because I'm uncollectable. It now comes to my attaention that Mann Bracken went out of business/bankrupt in 2010 because the Minnesota attorney's general found that the National Arbitration Forum was owned by Mann Bracken and rubber-stamped 100% of the cases for Mann Bracken and their clients.


Is this judgement still valid? Yes/No? Can I file a motion to vacate this judgement becasue of this scam? If so, what law must I cite to tell the judge? Do I simply provid him with information the Plaintiffs Law firm owned the Arbitration forum and were found to be rubber-stamping judgements for themselves?


Also, who would I file these papers with? Mann Bracken no longer is around. Would I send them to Palisades Acqusition? Thanks.

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I'm going to say that this is one of those cases that should be handled by a lawyer. There is no one left to "go after" since both MB and NAF are long gone.

You might be able to motion the court to vacate the judgment on the grounds that you were not properly served, but again, there's a lot going on here that happened outside of the court's jurisdiction. I'd at least meet with a lawyer (http://www.naca.net/find-attorney ) to see what they have to say.

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