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Received a letter today from rtr concerning a home I used to own in Florida. They informed me the home was foreclosed on and sold. The sale in 2012 satisfied the bank of america note except for the heloc of $22,000, that was set up in 2003. They also said all liens were released from the property so ry were just coming after the heloc.

I'm in Indiana now, they had NO supporting evidence that I owed anything ( just the original heloc paperwork from countrywide), showed no payments that had been paid on the heloc, or anything else!!!

How should this be handled???

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First off, ignore this troll!!!!!


If this was the first written communication them, send off your DV letter (samples available at top of page).  Adjust to fit your situation. Send it CMRR.  Do not call them at any time.  Inform them that no calls are permitted at any time, including your place of employment.  Any calls, let them go to your recorder.  If just a "please call", note date, time, and any name left.  If any threats, transfer them to a recorder, and save.


Due to this troll, I won't discuss anything else/  Check your PM's as I'll send you one to give you some insight.  All other members who wish to help, please send a PM, also, instead of commenting here.

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