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What to do when items from OC and JDB don't match on Credit Report

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I am trying to clean up my CR to apply for a mortgage, and I could use some help in understanding when items from an OC and JDB don't match on my CR.  Here is the info that is listed on my CRs:


Capital One - DOFD 11/2009 - High Credit $8,241 - Date closed 9/2012 - Charge-Off - Sold to multiple times, Asset Acceptance now has it

Asset Acceptance - DOFD 10/2009 - High Credit $11,023 - Date opened 9/2012 - Collection - Open


I have a letter from Capital One from 2012 when I requested validation and the letter states that my last payment was received on 9/16/2009.


My goal is to get Asset Acceptance removed from my CR and I am going to send a dispute letter to the CRA's, but needed some advice.


Do I dispute only Asset Acceptance for wrong DOFD, since it does not match the DOFD that Cap One lists but they are the same debt?  Do I dispute both Asset Accept. and Cap One since they don't match?


Also, for the copies of the reports I received, not all 3 CRs have all the fields of information listed.  For example, the DOFD is on Equifax, but I don't see it on TransUnion or Experian.  Can I still dispute to TU and EX wrong DOFD?


Does it help to send a copy of the Cap One letter to the CBs?


Thank you so much for your help!!




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Does the Crap 1 trade line actually say "Sold to another lender" and are they reporting a balance due of $0? If not, it hasn't been sold.

Asset, in its various companies, is both a JDB and a CA. Normally, its the CA that reports.

Its not unusual for CA TLs to contain discrepancies. As to whether they're actual errors, or just reporting additional interest charges or dates on which they were given the account is hard to tell.

Anyway, bottom line...its unlikely you can make Asset go away with a balance that large...and...even if you did...the Crap 1 TL is still a MAJOR negative when it comes to a mortgage.

You can try disputing Asset as "not mine"...you might get lucky...or you might just get their attention.

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Thanks "willingtocope"!


 Yes, Cap One says "transfer/sold", balance is 0.


I already disputed as "not mine" back in Jan 2014.  It came back as verified.  I want to go another round of disputes, I'm just trying to understand my CR's more so I can have a more "educated" and successful dispute.


And, yes, I have Asset's attention.  They send me letters every month trying to cut me a deal to settle.  They also call my house.  They don't leave messages, but I see the company name on caller ID and I can hear them either breathing or talking quietly in the background.  A few days ago, I sent them a letter to cease and desist, and stop trying to collect on zombie debt, but based on the reply from another post I made here I'm not sure if that was the best thing to do.


I'm still learning...

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The date Asset "opened" the account has nothing to do with the DOFD  That is merely the date they acquired the debt and "opened" an account with them for collection.  That date does not have to match the Cap1 DOFD and it will not alter the DOFD for dropping off the CR.

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You could dispute Asset's DOFD and if they don't verify with the CRAs, it will be deleted.  If they do verify it, it's doubtful that you would have an FDCPA or FCRA claim against them because they're not reporting a later date than the OC.  That date won't cause their entry to remain on your CR longer than the OC's entry.

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