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OC will not answer my dispute properly


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I disputed an account with an original creditor ( 623 Dispute Method). I have written them three times saying this account is over seven years old and shouldn't be listed on my credit reports anymore. I asked for documentation for this account. The keep saying they can't help me with the account because it has been turned over to a collection agency. I keep responding, YOU are the one reporting the account not the collection agency, if you have no documentation how can you keep reporting this when I told you it is incorrect. They then respond with, "we no longer own this account," contact the collection agency. They basically never address what I say in the dispute letter.

What is my next step?

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The date of first delinquencey is 9/2009. It says the following on my Privacy Guard credit report:

Experian - Transferred to another lender or claim purchased


TransUnion - Charged off as bad debt Comments: Purchased by another lender

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The 7 year reporting period is based on the date of first delinquency. If their date is correct, then it's not too old to be reported. They don't have to provide you with documentation to prove that they're reporting correctly. All they have to do is verify that they are doing so.

The account has been sold to debt buyer. That's why they told you to contact the new owner.

Is the OC reporting anything incorrectly?

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