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Case Management Hearing by phone tomorrow

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I have never been to court before and not able to attend in person tomorrow so I am attending by phone.

PRA, represented by H&H are requesting trial in a few months. I just sent them a letter requesting arbitration.

Any suggestions or tips for this hearing by phone? I do not have legal representation and not familiar with court verbiage etc. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you so much!

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Hard to say since we don't know anything about your case.

Search my posts for Case management conference or CMC and you will find several posts. This will be no big deal. You will be done very quickly.

If Plaintiff wants to set a trial date, make sure there will be enough time to do any discovery you want to do and file a motion to compel if necessary.

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Sorry for the late update.  Phone hearing didn't go very well.  I never had the opportunity to speak up and the court date was set.  I have since sent a request for arbitration to H&H and to the court.  Ready to send my second letter as H&H has not responded.  


I wouldn't worry about that too much. Nothing really goes on at a CMC except setting the trial date. I didn't say much at mine, aside from a few times saying 'yes (or no), your honor'.

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