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If I pay unreported collection will it pop on CR?


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I just recently received a letter from RJM collections for less than $100. Apparently they must have sent letters to an old address because the letter reads "as you recall" staying that they own the debt.

The account is from 2010, was sold at the end of 2012 and is past the SOL.

There is yet to be a report on my CR and they've owned the debt for a few years. I don't want anything to show up on my credit report since I am in the process of getting a loan. I plan on closing by January.

If I pay the small debt will it then be reported on my credit report?

Thank you in advance.

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New information:

So after further review I found out a few things. In 02/2010 a product was ordered and shipped. I paid for the product as agreed. This company is known to auto ship.

In 06/2010, they shipped another product. I did not live at the address anymore and I do not recall ever receiving a product or bill for the later shipment which is the charge in question.

I have sent the dv letter.

If it is verified and I produce letters from my previous address stating that I no longer resided there would that be sufficient to have the debt dropped and or removed from my CR should the CA post it?

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