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Being sued by Pressler & Pressler


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Received a letter from P&P on June 3, 2014. Sent DV on June 12 saying I dispute please validate and I elect arb according to orig contract. Received green card back card but never heard from P&P until yesterday Sept 14. Received a letter from court. Now I did hand this off to my lawyer, but he is an FDCPA lawyer in NJ (no names) so I don't know if he will take it.

If he does not take the case, can I fight it myself?


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For the amount you're being sued for, arb might run them off. See the threads here on arb. Also see my PM.

Well, I see can't PM you, even though I did quite a while back when you first posted here. I think I know who your NJ lawyer is, and he's an excellent consumer lawyer. Without any FDCPA violations, I don't know what his fee would be. This NJ law firm states they have gone up against Pressler and charge a fee of $350.


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