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Disputed Zombie collection trying to collect again

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Today, we got a letter from an old collection account (3+ years old) from same collection agency that tried to collect it the first time. The account in dispute is an old Comcast account that kept billing past service cancellation. Comcast shrugged it's shoulders at us and sent us to collections. The last time I saw I letter from the CA (Stellar Recovery) was early 2012. We have disputed, attempted validation, etc. to no avail. Now that we have moved to a new home, all of a sudden it magically shows up again.


Any thoughts on how to handle this? We have always been disputing this charge, to no avail.



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If you can prove that you sent the dispute within 30 days of their first collection letter, and if they are updating each month, speak to a consumer attorney.   An FDCPA violation is only good for 1 year.  If they're still updating their entry on your CR without validating, you may have a current FDCPA claim.


Based upon what @TomnTex told you, you could have a violation of TX law, as well.  You shouldn't have to tell the CA that they have to comply with TX law.

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