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can I only pay one debt


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Listed on my credit report is two debts, two different businesses and instances and amounts. These are old instances, aprx three years old. one is much smaller than the other. I am wondering,


1.  if there would be any benefit to my credit score if I paid off the smaller debt?


2. And also, if I do pay the smaller debt, will it have any impact on the larger debt?


3. For instance, will a collection agentcy get wind of it and start sending letters again?


4.Or will it prolong the statute of limitations on the larger debt? 

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Your in TX. The SOL there is four years. Stay off the radar and let it slide. An old debt will hurt you less than if you try to pay anything on it at this time. Again, I suggest just waiting them out, don't contact or you will wake the sleeping dogs. A lot of TX help here should you need it in the future. I would suggest getting on here and reading and researching for the future.

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