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In 2010 I lost to Beneficial CA INC.


History: Riverside County CA ...Plaintiff Beneficial CA INC.  In Dec. 2008 I was served a lawsuit. The Atty. for plaintiff  was Mann Bracken up in till Jan 2010, Then Bishop, White, Marshall took over. I had an atty. but he always thought I should just make a deal. The witness was in Nor Cal. way over the 150 ml. We tried to have him served ( I cant remember, but I think the building was closed. ) Filed the objection to witness as hearsay. The day of trial the plaintiff brought in a EE of Beneficial with new records. They had my copies of checks, that I used as payments.... I lost this case and I lost the appeal.


To Date: On Sept. 8th I received Acknowledgement of Assignment of Judgment. With Sub. of Atty. I have provided copies. Are they doing this incorrectly? I looked up Assignments and this one does not look right to me. Also Can a Attorney Assign the rights way of a Company? 


I check From the Secretary of state website. Beneficial California Inc. Merged out .and CT Corp. is the agent for service  And the rest looks like FTB suspended or merged out.


is there anything I can do to fight this?








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The assignment of judgment raises a bunch of red flags.  Where was Patterson located?  In So. Cal?  If so, I wonder why it was notarized in Washington State? 


Also, It seems unusual that the attorney is assigning the judgment on the client's behalf.  I guess the attorney could be authorized to do so, but it would be much better to have the client do it.  Check on the California Secretary of State's website and see if Beneficial is still doing business.

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Looks like it "merged out" about 40 years ago. I have never seen this entry in the business records lookup before.  Best case scenario for you would be that Beneficial did not exist as a corporation when it was suing you and that the attorney signed the assignment because there was no one from Beneficial to sign it.


Are you being pursued actively for this debt or are you just trying to get it off your credit report?

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If there are any collection efforts, let me know and I will try to refer you to someone in So. Cal that might help.  I don't know whether the attorney was authorized to execute the assignment or even whether it was possible given the corporate status.  But there may be enough here to get a consumer lawyer interested enough to find out.

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