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Are there violations here?


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One month ago I mailed letters to all 3 CRA's (CMRR), disputing 1 collection as "wrong date of first delinquency".  I disputed DOFD because the date the collection agency lists does not match the DOFD with the OC and the DOFD is also not even the same for the OC on all 3 CR's.  At the same time I also mailed a letter to the collection agency, also CMRR, basically stating that the alleged debt is past SOL, prove to me that this is my debt, cease and desist collection activities and remove from my CR.


The letter I sent to the CA came back with a yellow sticker from the post office (dated 9/6/14) "Forward Time Expired Return to Sender" with a new address for that company.


I rec'd all 3 green cards back from the CRA's and all 3 reports.


Equifax responded that the account "was mine", but that was not what I was disputing.  And then the report stated that if I have further questions, to contact the collection agency, but the address they gave me is an "old" address.


The report Experian sent me does not even show the field of DOFD or anything to the likes of that such as last payment, etc.  And the payment history shown only goes back to June 2013.  It shows the "date opened" as May 2010, but no payment history.  They also show the "old" address for the CA.


For TransUnion, they show the "new" address for the CA, but there are no fields showing DOFD or anything such as last payment or payment history.


Is it proof that they confirmed the date of first delinquency when it doesn't show on the report they sent me?  


Is it a violation for the credit bureaus to have the wrong address for a collection agency that they told me to contact for further questions?


Is it a violation that the credit bureau does not accurately investigate what I disputed them on?


I've read many posts and it seems like there are some violations, but I'm not really sure.  Any input would be greatly appreciated!!

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