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Hello, I am getting sued by a JDB (this bill was paid it full 3 yrs ago, thru freedom financial solutions to Brachfeld law group - I was told they did not cash one of the last checks that was sent to them- funny but they cashed the larger check that was sent after that- the one check that they didn't cash was only for 130.00- and I have the records from freedom financial solutions where I paid them) it has been sold since then to serval different JDBs, I just got a 30 day notice from Hunt & Henriques, I am now wondering what steps I should take? how do I write a standing? should I hire a attorney (which I can't really afford) or? 

the Total Settlement Amount was: $1,309.00 of which I paid all but ,the 130.00 check that they didn't cash. now they want just over 2,000!

Thank you for your help

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Look up a attorney to help you. Also ask calawyer on her who is an attorney in your state. You may well have some violations here and they shouldn't cost you anything. Good thing you saved everything, but keep looking, you may have other papers to support your case. The more the better.

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Welcome.  It might help if you answer the questions pinned at the top of the board, but based on what you've posted, I would:


 - send a BOP (there's a form on my thread:


 - file an answer (general denial


 - strongly consider filing a cross-complaint for violation of the Rosenthal Act (= $1k for your trouble) - file at the same time as your answer.


You may qualify for a fee waiver (



Or, you might be able to get a lawyer to handle it all at no cost to you.  As TominTex said, check NACA.



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