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Removing item from credit report after 623 dispute letter


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A few months ago i disputed a couple of items on my credit report through the credit reporting agency. These to items may be mine but i just dont know.


One was a medical bill that they say is for my son but i never even knew about this visit as he lives with my ex and i called the hospital but cant tell me what the charges are for and just forward me to their collection agency ARS and they cant tell me either what the charges are for just that i owe.  The other item is a credit card that i dont know anything about from about 4 or 5 years ago  


The credit reporting agencies came back as saying they had verified they were accurate.


I then sent a certified letter 623 dispute letter on Aug. 27th  asking for an investigation& to give me proof of documentation  into the accuracy, integrity, and completeness of the data that they were furnishing the credit reporting agency.


The credit card company sent letter  2 weeks later only saying the info was accurate and they has sold the debt to a third party collection agency and i had to go through them to take care of it.  That was it.


Now with the medical bill, I sent  the 623 dispute letter to both the hospital billing department and to ARS Collection because i could never get a straight answer as to who was the original creditor.  The hospital never replied and ARS sent me a letter on OCT 4 only saying that it was my bill and everything was accurate.  


What is the next step i can take and is what they sent sufficient to the investigation i was asking. 



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As to the medical bill:  are you the parent who carries the insurance on your son?  If so, then as the policy holder you are automatically responsible for the bill balance after insurance pays and that could be why you are facing this.  The second question to this is have you spoken to your ex about what this bill is and why there is a balance?  If there is one and she did not pay it as she should then your recourse is with her.  Does your decree require you to pay a portion of his medical bills?  On this one you need to start with his mother and find out the details.


As for the credit card you now need to DV the junk debt buyer they sold the debt to.  The trade line for the credit card can remain as long as it has a zero balance and states sold to another lender.  If it isn't your credit card then file a FACTA report for ID theft and again, make sure your ex-wife did not open a card without your knowing and default.

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